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"More women in Singapore seeking help to deal with menopause." - Straits Times Singapore

Source by: Straits Times Singapore

Disclaimer: Article referenced and retrieved from Straits Times Singapore.

SINGAPORE - More women in Singapore are seeking help to manage menopausal symptoms at a time when public figures are speaking more openly about a once-taboo topic.

Menopause being unbearable for women is understated. The mood swing and health issues that come with menopause are of serious concern and should be taken seriously.

NOMENO contain plant-based estrogen, its key ingredient mimics the healthy functions of estrogen, which include the maintenance of various aspects of feminine health that will help balance women’s hormone affected by onset, during and after menopause stages. It can help ease symptoms of menopause such as:

- hot flashes

- sleeping disorders

- mood swings

- osteoporosis;

and the list goes on...

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