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Which stage of menopause are you in?

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Perimenopause can begin 8-10 years before menopause, when the ovaries gradually produce less estrogen. It occurs when women are in their 30s or 40s. In the last one to two years of perimenopause, the drop in estrogen accelerates. At this stage, many women may experience menopause symptoms.

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Menopause is the point when a woman no longer has menstruation for a period for 12 consecutive months. At this stage, the ovaries have stopped releasing eggs and production of estrogen is at it's lowest ever. This drastic change in hormones cause side effects known as menopause symptoms.


Post Menopause

Post Menopause is the time after a woman has not bled for an entire year. Menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, insomnia, vaginal dryness and weight gain can continue for a decade or longer after the menopause transition due to lack of estrogens. 

During menopause, your body goes through major hormonal changes, decreasing the amount of hormones it makes — particularly estrogen.When your ovaries no longer make enough estrogen, it can trigger a number of changes in your lifestyle. These include insomnia, skin pigmentation, hot flushes, mood swings and hair loss etc. 


Nomeno Enhanced's key ingredient is formulated to lessen menopause symptoms and manage them. Nomeno Enhanced contains Phytoestrogens, naturally occurring compounds found in plants and plant-based foods. They have a similar chemical structure to that of estrogen. This helps replenish your hormones and allows you to age gracefully.

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